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Responsible Travel

Responsable tourism

At SUNRISE PERU TREK, as travelers we know responsible travel is very important and we work hard to give back to the places and people who have inspired our business from the beginning. “Your success is our success”. This philosophy is built in our daily operating standards, built in our partnerships and follows us in our independent sustainable projects. This means that every element of your trip has been studied and chosen to support our commitment to give back and bring you a great adventure. SUNRISE PERU TREK applies the “No Trace” principles in our choice of accommodation and our waste management, minimizing the impact on the sites or communities visited. Our local guides are fully trained in the principles of responsible travel » Leave No Trace «.

There are different ways to travel responsibly. Some choose to participate directly by volunteering. This is why we carefully create community service project trips to the highlands of Cusco region in Peru. In some places money is needed for conservation and travelers choose direct donations. This is the case in the “Cuyo Chico” in the district of Pisaq , where SUNRISE PERU TREK and our travelers  have together donated over the years to help conservation of the potatoes park.

As a business, we also spend money to support local projects: small independent programs with no voice or source of funding outside their often-rural locations. Over the years, we have provided ongoing support to a women’s shelter in Chichero -Cusco, rebuilt irrigation for a city we have worked so hard on, and stocked up scientific labs, bought glasses and a dozen other little ones. projects. It is not about saving the world, but about giving back to the people and places that welcome us, us and our travelers.