Best Tour Operator To Machupicchu In Peru

Machupicchu – The wonder of the modern world

The declaration of 2011 as the centenary year of Machu Picchu for the world, signifies the recognition of this imposing monument as a symbol and permanent testimony of the greatness of one of the most important civilizations in the history of the world.

Considered among dozens of recognitions as a mixed World Heritage site by UNESCO and acclaimed by millions of Internet users as a wonder of the modern world, thanks to an election organized by the Weber Foundation, humanity has little by little rendered to its greatness.

Transcending its historical and cultural importance, of which countless well-documented texts have already been written, the sanctuary is also a rich environmental reserve. Although its extension represents only 0.025% of the surface of Peru, it shelters approximately 10% of the fauna and 22% of the flora of the country. In its nine altitudinal floors, where it is possible to find vast cloud forests, steep abysses and green landscapes, which refer to the exuberance of the high jungle, a wide variety of birds, orchids, butterflies, mammals and fish coexist, among others.

These characteristics configure a particular scenario, because they confront us with the arduous task of creating the conditions so that Machu Picchu and the Best Machupicchu Tour continues to be the Important tourist icon of our country and the continent, without neglecting a vision which leads us to generate the mechanisms that ensure its conservation and sustainability over the time.

In this sense, the multisectoral and coordinated work of the various levels of the State, to which are added various initiatives from organized society, is essential for future generations to continue to benefit from the magic that Machu Picchu radiates throughout the world.

Today, 100 years after the world received the extraordinary news of the existence of Machu Picchu, it should be noted that no commemoration could be carried out without first paying a sincere and deserved tribute to the people of Cusco, who knew the sanctuary long before Hiram Bingham’s arrival in 1911. It is thanks to the talent and the generosity of the men and women of Cusco, yesterday and today, that we can appreciate and be amazed by this wonder.

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