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All you need to know about the tourist pass which allows you to visit the most important tourist extractives in the city of Cusco and outside the city; it is valid for 1 or 10 days.

If you are thinking to visit the city of Cusco in Peru, you may have come across the expression tourist ticket or “Boleto Turistico” several times. This «Cusco tourist ticket» is an essential purchase for any visit to Cusco and the Sacred Valley due to a unique, but a bit confusing system, implemented by the Peruvian government a few years ago to increase income.

To visit and see the tourist attractions of Cusco, it is mandatory to have the general tourist ticket (BTG). This is the document you will need to enter the most important sites in the Cusco – region.

The general tourist ticket of Cusco is the entrance that takes you to the 16 main tourist attractions of Cusco city and its surroundings Including the Sacred Valley of the Inca. But Not Machu Picchu Tour

With the general ticket of Cusco (BTG), you can enter these 16 tourist sites:

  • 01, -Sacsayhuaman.
  • 02.-Qenqo.
  • 03.-Tambomachay.
  • 04.-Puca Pucara.
  • 05.-Pisac.
  • 06.-Ollantaytambo.
  • 07.-Chinchero.
  • 08.-The Pachacutec Inca Monument.
  • 09.-Tipón.
  • 10.-Pikillacta
  • 11.-Moray.
  • 12.-Qosqo Native Art Center.
  • 13.-The museums of contemporary art.
  • 14.-The Qorikancha museum.
  • 15.-The Regional Historical Museum.
  • 16.-Museum of folk art
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General Cusco Tourist ticket features

The general ticket from Cusco (BTG), is valid for 10 calendar days and is registered with your passport number and costs 130 soles; Peruvian currency.

General tourist ticket from Cusco for foreign students (BEE). Valid only for foreign students under 25 and who have an international student card (ISIC CARD). It costs 70 soles; Peruvian currency.

General tourist ticket of Cusco for Peruvian citizens (BIN). Valid only for Peruvian citizens who have their identity card. (National ID card). It costs 70 soles; Peruvian currency.

General tourist ticket from Cusco for Peruvian students (BEN). General admission ticket valid only for Peruvian students. If they are in primary or secondary school, they must present their DNI: if they are at university, they must present their student identity card. It costs 40 soles Peruvian currency.

Partial Cusco Tourist ticket features or day Tourist tickets

Valid only for one or two days. It is not available for students or minors. In addition, it only allows entry to certain tourist attractions grouped into circuits:

Circuit I.

Sites found in the Sacsayhuaman archaeological park: Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Tambomachay and Puca Pucara. Valid for one day, it costs 70 soles for foreigners and 40 soles for Peruvians.

Circuit II.

Places of interest located in the central historic district of Cusco and in the southern valley: Regional Historical Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Qoricancha Museum, Pachacutec Monument and the archaeological parks of Tipón and Pikillacta. Valid for 2 days and costs 70 nuevos soles for foreigners and 40  soles for Peruvians.

Circuit III.

The archaeological sites of the Sacred Valley of the Incas: Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero and Moray. Valid for 2 days and costs 70 soles for foreigners and 40 soles for Peruvians.

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Where can you purchase the Cusco Tourist Tickets?

The Cusco tourist ticket can be purchased at the following addresses and times:

  • Central accountant (Avenida El Sol 103 tourist galleries). Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Tourist information office – DIRCETUR (Calle Mantas). Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. / 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.
  • In all the places to visit, included in the tourist ticket (with the exception of the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Pachacutec monument).

Another important tourist attractions are not included

The BTG is not valid to enter some of the most visited sites in Cusco, Other tourist centers are not included in the Cusco Tourist Tickets  but they are great  to visit so, you need get entrance in the same place that you’ll visit.

Cusco Cathedral.

  • Entrance costs 25 nuevos soles for adults and 12.50 nuevos soles for children. Tickets are available at the church door.

Church of Santo Domingo (Koricancha).

  • Entrance costs 15 nuevos soles and 8 nuevos soles for children or students, tickets are available at the church door.

The salt mines of Maras.

  • Entrance costs 10 soles, they are available at the entrance. For Maras Moray Tour

The colonial temple of Andahuaylillas. (Sistine Chapel of South America).

  • Entrance costs 15 soles for foreigners and 10 nuevos soles for Peruvians. Tickets are available at the door.

The Raqchi Inca temple.

  • Entrance costs 15 soles and tickets are available at the door.

All payments are made in Peruvian currency in cash. credit cards are not accepted

The tourist ticket cannot be purchased online. It is only available at the points of sale mentioned.

The BTG Cusco does not include a tourist guide or transport.

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