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Cheap Machu Picchu Tours and Tickets

How can you get Cheap Machu Picchu Tours and Tickets for nationals and foreigners?…

Find here information about Cheap Machu Picchu Tours and Tickets. When it comes to booking tickets to Machu Picchu, there isn’t much you can do to cut the price, but on tours there are some money-saving tips that might come in handy.

Discount for students?

Yes, there is a reduction for students when buying a ticket to Machu Picchu, but you must have a valid proof of identity and the sale of tickets with reduction for students is only done in person in Cusco, it cannot be done online.

Negotiate visits?

If you want to rent an excursion, either to Cusco, Machu Picchu, transportation to hydroelectricity or even take one of the available hikes that are not the Inca Trail, I recommend that you wait until Cusco. You can walk through the “Plaza de Armas” and find hundreds of agencies where you can compare prices and negotiate. If you are going hiking, don’t forget to ask exactly what is included, things like: meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), transportation, porters, tickets, tips, equipment, etc.

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Entrance visits.

If you have not yet rented a tour, you can go to the entrance to Machu Picchu and get one at a good price. At the entrance you will find several official tourist guides that will show you around the citadel, I really recommend it if you want to know a little more about the history. The advantage of this is that you can join a group or create your own, which will reduce the price of the tour (around 10 to 15 USD per person). Finally, I remind you that there are a limited number of people who can enter Machu Picchu per day, so it is advisable to book a Machu Picchu ticket online, especially in high season.

Choose the best season to go. Try to buy your tickets for Machu Picchu for a date close to June 24, the date the Inca Sun Festival is held, so you can enjoy the Inti Raymi Tour 2020 and walk to Huayna Picchu on a single trip to Peru. Also take the “Vinincunca” or Rainbow Mountain tour and don’t miss your chance to visit this amazing site.

Cheap Machu Picchu Tours – Meals

Peruvian food is delicious but it doesn’t have to be expensive. The following tips for cheap eating in Machu Picchu may seem obvious, but I will try to make them as specific as possible so that they are useful for you.

Find the “Picanterías”. The “Picanterías” are the local and traditional restaurant in Cusco; as the name implies, are establishments that mainly prepare spicy foods. In them you can find the menu of the day that includes 1 or 2 dishes at a very, very reasonable price. In some places, even 4-5 soles ($ 1.2 – $ 1.5 USD) for a full meal.

In Cusco, go to the San Pedro market. A few blocks from the Plaza de Armas in Cusco, you will find one of the most emblematic markets in the city, the central market of San Pedro. Here you will find hundreds of small stalls with delicious dishes, cheap and with a very friendly service.

Buy snacks in Cusco fo Cheap Machu Picchu Tours.

If you are among those who always carry a small snack such as chocolate, cookies, cereal bars, etc., I suggest you buy them in Cusco before leaving for Machu Picchu. Aguas Calientes is an extremely tourist city, the prices you will find are expensive

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Cheap Machu Picchu Tours
Vinincunca known as the rainbow Mountain in Cusco peru

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